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Hi There! I’m Youssef, DevOps Engineer.

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Welcome to my professional website, where you can discover the remarkable journey that has shaped my career. I began as a frontend engineer, specializing in the artistry of JavaScript and TypeScript. However, destiny had other plans for me when I encountered the captivating world of DevOps. Fueled by an unwavering thirst for knowledge, I made the bold decision to transition my expertise, bidding farewell to frontend development and embracing the challenges and rewards of DevOps.

My Experience

Background & Expertise

January 2022 - Present

DevOps Engineer, Transport ltd.

As a member of the DevOps team, I manage CI/CD tools and create and test infrastructure provisioning code. I handle code deployments for owned projects, improve DevOps pipelines and processes, investigate complex incidents, and communicate with project owners to ensure the delivery of desired requirements. By following best practices and guidelines, I help prioritize tasks and provide solutions for complex issues.

July 2021 - February 2022

DevOps Engineer, Vodafone

At Vodafone, I was responsible for encouraging and building automated processes wherever possible. I made a plan to implement the DevOps culture within the team and dealt with the legacy system to solve its problems in a faster and more efficient way. I also created a migration plan for the legacy system to another cloud provider, which I implemented using infrastructure as code technology. Furthermore, I established the DevOps CI/CD pipeline on AWS.

June 2019 - June 2021

Front-end Team Lead, Innovitics inc.

In my role as a Frontend Team Lead, I worked on everything from backend to user-interfaces, content management, messaging, and web services. I designed, coded, tested, and deployed systems while solving complex and challenging business problems with cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, I provided support to identify, resolve, and communicate impacts to the business. I explored new technologies, met individual deadlines, contributed towards team objectives, and reported progress to my supervisor regularly.

My Skills


Jenkins / Github / GitlabCI / CircleCI / Vagrant / Terraform / Git

Cloud Platforms

AWS / Azure


Helm / Kubernetes / Docker

Programming languages & frameworks

PHP / Bash Scripting / AngularJS / Javascript

Collaboration tools

Jira / Trello

"What I like about programming is that it really helps you think about how we communicate, how we think, how logic works, how creative arts work."

Michael Hawley

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